What is Alphabiotics?
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Jeffrey Moore Williams

Academy Board Member, Academy Executive Director and Alphabiotics Instructor

“The road to high-level wellness lies in connecting with our ultimate energy source. There is no act or service that one human can render to another that is more significant or meaningful than helping them to accomplish this connection.” “When you were born, you had within you a tremendous power. You couldn’t see it but you could feel it. It was and still is a wonderful life energy. It empowers you with health, well being, joy and a zest for life. As you ventured out into the world you experienced many challenges and changes. You allowed stress to drain your precious Life Energy. You got lost in a mist of mind and matter. You became outer reactive and defensively off balance. It became more and more difficult for you to experience the good health, well-being, joy and zest for life that you once had.”.

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