9 Melanie Moseley

Melanie Moseley

Certified Developmental Alphabioticist-TX

Alphabiotic New Day Center

The Center is located at the newly created ROCK HILL Sanctuary which provides many spaces to disconnect from the madness from outside world. This space included with Alphabiotics nourishes the expansion of spirit and creativity within each individual. A few extra perks that help those on the path to full life expression are available upon request, such as body de-tensing, Reiki, doTERRA Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils, the Chrane Way Workout, and guided Five Tibetan Rites. Melanie May discovered Alphabiotics in 1998 and has received the process ever since. In 2009 she was certified in the Alphabiotic profession ever since. She whole believes whole heartedly that this work saved her life along with many others.

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