What is Alphabiotics?
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Brain & Body Balance

An assisted movement to empower the brain & body to more effectively handle stress

The Alphabiotics Alignment involves a process of unification of brain hemispheres and integration of higher levels of life force. The alignment is administered by a dedicated and skilled professional as an expression of service.

The alignment is done with an understanding that “The Innate Wisdom” of the body, in the individual is what guides and directs all the processes of healing, growth and evolution. Alphabiotics assumes that Human beings are whole brained in their natural state,
not over-stressed.

The Alphabiotics Alignment Process is an authentic Service shared for the purpose of assisting the Participant on their journey to balance the stress in their lives. The Alignment is likely to be an entirely new experience for the Participant.

The Alignment involves a gentle and safe hands-on technique that is delivered by a Certified Developmental Alphabioticist.

Alphabiotics professionals, called Certified Developmental Alphabioticists, assist people interested to take a proactive stance against the weakening effects of persistent physical, chemical, mental, spiritual, and emotional chronic stress.

Alphabiotics is about cause-correction, stress recovery and life enhancement; Alphabioticists value all life. Alphabioticists will offer teachings, information, opinions, and products, however, they do not prescribe drugs or medical treatments. Similarly, Alphabioticists do not perform spinal adjustments and they do not provide mental health counseling.

Certified Developmental Alphabioticists are skilled stress relief professionals, but they are not medical doctors. Accordingly, they do not diagnose medical diseases or musculoskeletal conditions and Alphabiotics is not intended to be a substitute for medical examination and treatment. Alphabiotics is not, in any way, associated with the Chiropractic profession or any other medical professions.

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