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Alpha: first, primary, important. Biotics: having to do with life and living.
A process that deals directly with the negative impact of unrelieved, off balancing stress, on the brain and body. Recent research suggests that from 60 to 90 percent of illness today is stress related. Alphabiotics employs a method of stress release, which improves health, happiness, disease prevention, and longevity. According to the American Medical Association, "We are in the midst of the worst degenerative disease crisis in the history of humankind."
Alphabiotics is the new science of stress release
Alphabiotics is about stress relief and recovery. It is no surprise that we live in stressful times. Unfortunately today's world can be one of extreme stress (physical, emotional, chemical, and mental) that cause this energy depleting stress response state to become turned on at all times.

Alphabiotics primary focus is cause correction. In just a matter of seconds this gentle, non-invasive, hands-on process sends a sensory input to the brain that a defensive stress response is no longer necessary. The result: muscular tension drops, weak muscles strengthen, and energy increases to all parts of the body.
Stress Related Symptoms
Are you currently experiencing insomnia, headaches, weight gain, muscular tension, low energy or fibromyalgia. These may be signs of an unrelieved stress state.
Neurophysicist Christian Opitz Tries Alphabiotics
Alphabiotics Testimonial Neurophysicist Christian Opitz, Trys Alphabiotics! Sept 1999
How it all started
Dr. V. B. Chrane, Sr., the discoverer of the Alphabiotic Process


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