Alphabiotics is the most scientifically validated hands on helping system on the planet.
The Alphadioticist observes the obvious signs of negative stress in order to determine the extent of damage. They locate areas of abnormal weakness, and excessive tension. This is done with the person lying on his or her back, on the Alphabiotic couch, where leg length, hip level, side-to-side weakness and/or tension will be evaluated. If a person is determined to be in an inappropriate stress state, that challenge is addressed in a precise and measurable way. A unique stress release procedure is performed that mitigates, and helps to overcome the damage caused by stress.

If we remain in an emergency stress posture for an extended period of time negative consequences are inevitable.

An individual's longevity, and quality of life depends on how well they cope with the effects of stress in their life. Alphabiotics slows the negative effects of stress on the body. The results are immediately noticeable and a normal, and balanced state is restored making life better overall.


How it all started
Dr. V. B. Chrane, Sr., the discoverer of the Alphabiotic Process


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