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Alphabiotics, The History of An Amazing Discovery

Dr. V. B. Chrane, Sr., the discoverer of the Alphabiotic Process, for almost thirty years administered that Process to thousands of people. He was an impressive individual, six feet five inches tall, weighing 230 pounds. He played college football and professional basketball. He was an intellectual, as well as a natural intuitive. Not only did he help people with his discovery, he advised people about sensible living, i.e. a healthy attitude, sensible exercise, proper rest, the avoidance of toxins, and proper nutrition.

Dr. Chrane studied basic sciences at MacMurry College in Abilene, Texas, Chiropractic at the Texas College of Chiropractic, in San Antonio, and the Loban Chiropractic College, in Denver, Colorado. He was appointed by the then only national Chiropractic Association to do a survey of chiropractic offices west of the Mississippi. This project took over a year. He experienced chiropractic care, first hand, from hundreds of chiropractors.

In those days, the early 1920s, chiropractic because of outstanding results, was already practiced in almost every city in the nation. Still, Dr. Chrane felt something was missing. He became interested in the compress-vie effects of gravity, how it was constantly pulling us down, and how it ultimately did us in. He knew that between ages 25 and 65 most people lost almost an inch in height. He, as a research project, set out to discover a way to reverse that negative effect. Dr. Chrane found that simple stretching, traction, and chiropractic adjustments were not the answer. In time, he developed a method he called it the Chrane Condyle Lift. This worked, in an evidence-based, measurable way.

Though quickly done, taking less than a minute, it was difficult to master, almost like learning to be a professional golfer. Still, it was so gentle he did it to small babies, when they were asleep, often without even waking them. Health results were absolutely amazing. He wasn't healing people. It wasn't his magic hands. Rather, he was facilitating sick people getting into that most favorable state where the body could not only heal itself, but adjust itself, de-tense, strengthen and balance-itself. He was helping well people maximize their potential and live better lives.

In time, it became apparent that the Lift was a powerful, effective way to communicate with the brain. It was a hands-on delivered, sensory signal, a stress-pattern-interrupt that allowed the Wisdom of the body to better do its job of regulating, controlling, and coordinating physiological function, as well as normal mental activity. Sick people got well, brain-fog lifted, and people's lives began to work better. What he had discovered, that later researchers would prove, was a primary cause of disease and an effective way to deal with that cause. Today, it is technically referred to as the Alphabiotic Brain-Balancing-Stress-Release-Cause-Correction-Process. Or, less technically as the Alphabiotic Life Process or simply the Alphabiotic Process.

Amazingly, the chiropractic profession, because the Chrane Method was difficult to master, jealousy or who knows why, rejected the discovery. It was never taught in any chiropractic college. Nor was it ever taught in a medical school. That was unfortunate! A needed, valuable method of care would have been lost, had it not been for Dr. Virgil Chrane, Jr., and his son Dr. Michael Chrane.

For many years Drs. Virgil and Michael Chrane maintained one of the largest, stress-reduction, natural-health-care-wellness-centers in the nation. Dr. Virgil Chrane pioneered Health Radio in the 1950, taught sensible living seminars, published and edited a natural-health-tabloid, and authored several books. Michael Chrane, after a solid educational background and earning a doctorate degree in chiropractic, began working with his father in the early 1970s. Dr. Michael Chrane, as did his father, focused on the advanced science of Alphabiotics. They helped thousand of people live healthier, happier, more productive lives.

In time, because the Chrane Method, its science and under girding principles, were so different, it became apparent that an outreach-image-change was much needed: 1) To show that this method was a proven better, non-toxic way for people to achieve a higher level of physical health and mental well being; and 2) To reach more people who desperately needed this special care.

A Transition Time of Great Importance

In 1970, Dr Virgil Chrane intentionally moved beyond the suggestion that what he did to help people was some form of band-aid care or for just symptom relief. He envisioned a greater way to reach more people with his father's discovery; he founded the Alphabiotic profession. A profession about real stress-release and the correction of what many scientists believe, and a mountain or research substantiates, is a primary cause of pain, sick-ness, disease, and suffering in the world. Modern day Alphabiotics is grounded in the scientific bedrock of modern day physics. Albert Einstein, for example, stated several fundamental concepts that are basic to understanding Alphabiotics. He said, "After years of thought, study, and contemplation, I have come to the conclusion there is only one thing in the universe and that is energy, beyond that is a Supreme Intelligence." He also said, "Materiality is a delusion of consciousness." that "Matter is simply energy at a slow rate of vibration." Alphabioticists accept those modern ideas known to medical science. Alphabioticists consider it to be the most needed, valuable and necessary thing one person can do for another. They know that when Alphabiotic stress-release is attained and sustained, people tend to look better, think better, feel better, sleep better, heal better, and be better; that inner peace and a greater joy in life become real possibilities.


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How it all started
Dr. V. B. Chrane, Sr., the discoverer of the Alphabiotic Process


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